Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Organization and Team Setup

A. Organizations can only be established by API. Please use the contact form at to request API add your organization to our system.

A. Once your organization has been established and an admin has logged in, use the dark blue “+ Create Team” button in the upper right corner to create a team.  API is also happy to create a team upon request using the contact form at

A. Once your team has been created and an admin has logged in and entered the team, access the Roster tab on the menu bar and use the dark blue “+ Add Player” button in the upper right corner to add a player.  


The process is:

  1. Enter an email address and the player’s first and last name (DOB is optional) and click the “Add Player” button.
  2. Enter the player’s jersey number and set their primary position (all other fields are optional).and click the “Save Changes” button.
  3. Repeat the 1) & 2) for each player.


API is also happy to build a roster for a team, please use the contact form at to initiate the request.

System Overview

A. Practical - easy to use with no fixed or specialized equipment

Versatile - appropriate for a wide range of ages and skill levels

Affordable - reasonably priced for most teams

A. We recommend teams have access to a computer for pre-game and post-game tasks (desktop or laptop), a tablet with the API app downloaded to tag games (it is possible to use a smartphone), and any video recording device that can upload to YouTube.

A. The API system is currently being used by teams ranging from 8U travel to college club and everything in between, including older A, AA and AAA travel and high school teams along with the full spectrum of competitiveness, from developmental teams to state and national champions.

A. No. The hockey analytics industry currently has four options to tag events for a hockey game:

1)  Manually during the game by a person (or team of people) using pen and paper or technology to improve efficiency,

2)  Manually after the game by team staff or an outsourced third party using video and technology,

3)  Automatically after the game using video and technology such as artificial intelligence to identify events based on predetermined rules (this methodology can be supplemented by manual tagging), or

4)  Automatically during the game through a nearly continuous flow of data captured using an array of cameras and GPS chip tracking (not a realistic option outside of the NHL and a few other professional leagues).

While each methodology has advantages and disadvantages, the API system has been designed for a person (or people) to manually tag events during the game using our efficient tablet-based app (methodology 1).  Events can always be edited, enhanced or added after the game to improve accuracy.

Additionally, API's technology was originally designed to be used live during a game which has been adapted to also allow games to be tagged off video.

Tagging and the API App

A. Downloading on the App Store, Available for IOS and Android

Video Integration

A. Are the YouTube links in the right field?

Is the YouTube video set to public or unlisted?

Is the video offset correct?

Is the YouTube link in the proper format if it's an uploaded Livestream?

A. Are all the video offsets correct?

Are the videos all complete or edited identically?

Is your wifi connection not strong enough and some videos are lagging?