How It Works

How does our system work?


  • Establish an organization
  • Create teams & build rosters
  • Select events & detail to be tracked for each team
  • Download the app
  • Purchase a season subscription or game credits (visit website for pricing information)


  • Input team schedule
  • Open app & refresh to load schedule
  • Select upcoming game
  • Choose the tagger type
  • Indicate inactive players, starting goalie & attack direction


  • Track events using any tagger
  • Take video from up to 3 angles (optional)
  • Upload data between periods for in-game reports & insight (optional)


  • Upload data from any tagger used that game
  • Access game and season reports immediately after uploading data
  • Upload videos to YouTube and enter video links on website to integrate with game event data (optional)
  • Edit, add detail or create new events (optional)

What taggers are included in our app?

Event Tagger

Event types able to be tracked:

  • Goals, shots & attempts
  • Faceoffs
  • Zone exits & entries
  • Turnovers & takeaways
  • Penalties
  • Checks & more

Choose from multiple levels of detail for many events.


Download Our Instructions for Using the Event Tagger Demo (PDF)

Time on Ice Tagger*

Simple on-ice/off-ice buttons allow time on ice and shifts to be tracked by player.

Video Tagger*

Create video time stamps to easily find and review plays that would not be a typical tagged event.


Download Our Instructions for Using the Video Tagger Demo (PDF)


*Data merges with Event Tagger data to form a complete dataset allowing deeper analytics to be calculated.

How do our reports improve insight?

  • Filter information by situation (even strength, PP or PK)

  • Shots & attempts automatically assigned a danger rating (high, medium or low)

  • Filter shot charts down to player, period & situation

  • Faceoffs broken out by period, zone & opponent (RH vs LH)

  • Goalie-specific reports help identify tendencies

  • Team & player information generally available by game or season

New pre-defined reports are added throughout the season and teams can download data to create their own reports.