Review of Athletic Performance Insight for Hudson High School Ice Hockey Team 2019-2020

General Impressions:

Throughout the season we felt that API was a very valuable tool for our hockey team. We utilized this program for every game we competed in this year. Our team managers took to the system quick and felt that it was a major upgrade from taking game statistics the paper and pencil route. API gave our team valuable information that was readily available to us in an organized, easy to read, user friendly way.

Positives of API:

  1. System is user friendly and easy to learn.
  2. The system manual is easy to read with pictures, diagrams, and language that the average hockey coach can understand.
  3. Taking stats is easy to learn and after a game or two it is also automatic.
  4. Loading team information such as roster, creating games, picking starters, and what goalie is playing is quick. Most if not all of this work can be completed within 5 minutes.
  5. Stats are uploaded quickly after the game. Game stats are easy to read and track.
  6. Game stats are easy to change and review. Being able to look at every key stroke and modify it if needed (although rarely needed) is quick and easy.
  7. API app has never crashed, been slow, or encountered a problem.
  8. API app is able to stay on an iPad throughout the season.
  9. The set up of the system is easy to navigate and get the exact stats that you are looking for.
  10. Faceoffs are broken down by player, zone, and hand. Breaking down faceoffs by player or zone is processed and easily accessible for coaches.
  11. Individual player shots, plus minus, and penalties are organized and can be seen quickly. Coaches can look at individual periods, games, or the whole season.

Additions to API:

  1. Coaches have the ability to see stats quickly in between periods (preferably off Wi-Fi)
  2. Have game and season stats converted to an organized PDF for printing or emailing.
  3. Be able to take stats on the same game at the same time on two separate iPads.